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Universal Yoga 3D
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Universal Yoga 3D

Universal Yoga 3D is “virtual trainer”.
  This is 3-dimension video program working on any PC computer .
It is a video-animation of practicing person, which can be viewed from any side (3-dimention space), enlarged or miniaturized, moved to any place on the screen. At that, such virtual trainer is able to fulfill ANY training dynamic succession in accordance with user’s request (for detailed description – look below). It means that user composes training program from pictures or exercises’ names and receives it in the form of animation video – virtual trainer demonstrating dynamic or static Yoga practice with all technical nuances. At that, user can view such demonstrating trainer from any side (so as if he would go round him and watch him from any side).

  Universal Yoga 3D gives possibility to build individual training programs as for instructors for their student, so for the students themselves. And there’s no more need to draw or write anything. Student receives video succession as individual program, which he can also adopt at his own decision to his various states and aims at different days.
  There’s also possibility to use “Universal Yoga 3D” as program for teaching instructors all possible variants of practice. The process of understanding what this program is consists of and what can be changed in it is already a process of studding component parts, which altogether compose Yoga practice.

  It is necessary to lay special emphasis on the fact that the name “Universal Yoga 3D” doesn’t mean following Universal Yoga Style (which is in its essence not Yoga style, but the science of Yoga). This program in its essence is universal and can imitate sequences of all existing Yoga styles.

More detailed information about "Universal Yoga" and “Universal Yoga 3D” can be found at www.universal-yoga.com and www.yoga-soft.com.
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